Mariangela Artese was born in 1981 in Vasto, a village by the sea in the centre of Italy. Daughter of artist Nicola Artese and writer Maria Tilde Pollutri, from a very young age she has had the luck of living in an inspiring atmosphere.

Her first pieces were conceived during her studies in Rome. At the Sociology Faculty the artist creates, along some friends, the self-published magazine “Insinuosamente”. She would cover the front pages with her illustrations.

Once her studies were finished she decides to fully devote to what were her lifelong passions: collage and design. In 2010 she studies the Fashion Design Master’s Degree at the Arts Faculty of the Basque Country University. During this Master’s she discovers how to join her already existing passions with a new interest: she creates “La Magia del Subconsciente”, the magic of the subconscious, her first clothing and accessories collection, where she stamps her illustrations on cloth. The collection has a remarkable success and opens to her the doors of catwalks and exhibitions.

Finished the Master’s she specializes in graphic design at the Inutec Visual Arts and Design Centre in Bilbao. There she will shift from manual to digital collage.

In 2016 she creates the “Insectmy” collection, a series of collages inspired by the insect world and geometry.

In 2017 “Giocando con gli insetti”, playing with insects, is born, a series inspired by the artist’s childhood games, where insects turn into playmates. An only child, Mariangela used to play with snails, worms and ants, inventing her fantastic world in her country house garden.

The artist, through her pieces, wants to rekindle the inner child we all have inside; our most pure, spontaneous and creative part that sometimes we forget we have.

“What I like the most when presenting my work is to see that shine in the watcher’s eyes who, through the games in the illustrations, remember and tell me a part of their childhood. They let me peek at least for a moment at the inner child hidden inside every one of them.”

Awarded by Bilbao’s Council at the Ideiak Martxan ideas contest for the projects:

– “Moda Lumiers”, a multidisciplinary project uniting the fields of fashion and new technologies

– “Mapa Moda”

– “Retromáquina”

She also took part in the awarded project “Rec_ON”.

In 2015 she is selected for the International Contemporary Art Fair Marte of Castellón.

In 2016 she exhibits her “Insectmy” collection at the Eka Palace Lisbon Art Residence.

In 2017 she presents her last collection, “Giocando con gli instetti”, at the ZooArt Event in Ortona, Italy.