Born in Vasto, a small center Italian town, in 1981. Daughter of the artist Nicola Artese and the writer Maria Tilde Pollutri, Mariangela have been living in an artistic environment since her early childhood. When she finished her studies of Sociology at La Spienza in Roma, she decided to dedicate herself to her passions the art and the fashion.

In 2010 she made a master on Fashion Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts from the UPV (Basque Country University). Her first collection “La magia del subconsciente” (The magic subconscious) happened really successful and it has opened the world of the fashion shows and expositions.

Innovation, recycling, exclusiveness, elegance, and a bit of rebellion are the essences of the brand Mariangela Artese.

An italian style with young spirit, sensitive towards the production conditions and the eco-sustainability. Her philosophy of share, enjoy life, dance, travel, smile and live the moments is the fusion that makes her unique and special.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”